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Import XPO and compile.

Configure appropriate "Save long runnign SQL" in Ax user setup (saving in table). Gather some logs.

To summarize SQLs:
  1. Open "ADPSQLAnalyzer" form from AOT.
  2. Button "New analyze"
  3. Set appropriate filter on query in dialog
  4. Process will calculate statistics and save results in table (1 record 1 analysis, can be deleted from table browser)
  5. After calculations form shows top 10 SQL queries by summary execution time. For each query call stacks also with time statistics are shown. Double click on call stack opens source code editor.

Due Ax kernel limitation Ax can not log queries with execution time less then 15ms. In some cases it seriously affects results (for example when tuning a process). In this case can log ALL SQL statements and analyze with this tool. In this case tops will be created by number of executions.

Works in Ax 2012 too. Planned to add possibility to read and make summary statistics from Ax 2012 trace parser database.

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